Integration Overview - Nice

Textel and Nice CXone are integrated primarily via Rest APIs. Triggers in each system prompt an API request to the appropriate system to execute the functions. Textel is the liaison of message traffic between Nice and the mobile customer. 

The Textel layer adds power, flexibility, and administrative and compliance UI to the Nice CXone solution. Examples include:

  • DIY Keyword Responders and Time-Based Auto-Replies
  • SMS/MMS Specific Reporting Interface
  • Multi-Carrier Integration for expanded reach domestically and internationally
  • Built-in compliance tools for managing Opt Ins/Outs and TCPA Send Windows
  • Reply-All Group Messaging
  • Blast SMS Drip Campaigns
  • SMS-Enabled Dialer Campaigns
  • Event-Driven SMS Support
  • Contact/CRM Syncing

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