Messaging Failure Reasons

As messages get sent on to the carriers, there are cases where they will return a FAILED message status. Carriers are now consistently providing more detailed failure reasons in conjunction with the failed message status. As a result, we have updated our platform to capture these reasons in plain language and store them. This allows us to surface the failure reasons (when provided) in our Account & Line Detail reports alongside the message status.

NOTE: Not every single failed message may have a detailed failure reason.

Failure Reason CodeSummary
1 - CarrierExceptionThe carrier provided a generic error code.
2 - MalformedSourceThe source number is incorrectly formatted.
3 - InvalidSourceThe source number does not exist (in the carrier), etc.
4 - MalformedDestinationThe destination number is incorrectly formatted.
5 - InvalidDestinationThe destination number does not exist, does not have SMS, etc.
6 - CarrierOptOutThe recipient is opted out from the carrier or service provider.
7 - CarrierRejectedThe carrier or service provider rejected the message.
8 - CarrierTimeoutThe carrier or service provider experienced extreme traffic or a timeout.
9 - CarrierRateLimitedThe carrier or service provider rate limit has been reached.
10 - CarrierRoutingErrorThe carrier or service provider could not route to the destination.
11 - CarrierAccountErrorThe carrier account has an issue, the incorrect external credentials are being used, etc.
12 - FlaggedAsSpamThe carrier or service provider flagged the message as spam.
13 - ForbiddenCountryThe carrier or service provider marked the destination country as forbidden.
14 - ForbiddenShortCodeAn invalid or non-existent short code is being used as the source.
15 - MediaUnavailableAttached media could not be found or retrieved.
16 - CarrierContentSizeExceededAttached media or message body exceeds the carrier content size limit.
17 - InvalidContentTypeAttached media is an invalid content type.
18 - UnknownServiceCenterAddressThe service center address is unknown.

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