Outbound SMS - MAX Agent

In this article, we cover how you can do an agent-initiated outbound text to any phone number, using one of the lines we have text-enabled for your business.

Step 1 - Click on the Applications button in the top left corner of Nice CXone and select MAX.

This will open up the MAX agent dialog box to begin interacting with it.

Step 2 - Select Integrated Softphone and click Connect

This step allows you to connect to the phone number(s) enabled for interactions for your user agent.

Step 3 - Go On-Queue by clicking on the dropdown at the top and selecting Available from the menu.

Without doing this step you will not be available to accept or create any new interactions.

Step 4 - Start a New Interaction by clicking the New button in the bottom left corner.

Once you click create new, enter the phone number you want to text within the input box at the top.

Step 5 - Click Call and Select the Skill

Entering the phone number will prompt you to call. When you select the skill or skills set up in your environment for Outbound texts, it will suppress the voice call and only create a text/chat interaction. NOTE: Your environment may have differently named skills than those shown.

Step 6 - Click Accept to start the new interaction

This will assign the newly created interaction to you and allow you to start to send a message.

Step 7 - Start the conversation by typing a message and hitting send in the chat window.

A new chat window will display and at the bottom you will be prompted to type in your message and hit enter to send your outbound text.

Step 8 - End the Interaction

When you are finished with your text conversation, simply click the end button at the top of the chat panel to stop the conversation. Select any disposition codes that may be set up in your environment for ending an interaction.

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