Inspire by STX & Textel Integration Set Up

Textel has partnered with Inspire by STX to provide two-way texting and text marketing features to the Inspire by STX customer base. Review our integration guide on Textel for Inspire by STX here.

To sign up for Textel inside of Inspire by STX:

  1. Go to the Navigation Menu ≡ 
  2. Click on Textel
  3. Click on the Get Started Button
    1. A Textel form will open in a new tab asking your preferences and details regarding your business to create an account.  Once completed, a representative from Textel will follow up with you.

Once your business has been provided a Textel login & is approved for text messaging, you'll want to pair your Inspire by STX account with Textel by copy/pasting the API String on the right and clicking Sync.

To find your API String and pair your Inspire by STX with Textel:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the Username in the upper right, then select Manage My Account
  3. In the bottom left corner, click Generate API Key button
    1. If an API key has already been generated, click "Replace API Key"
  4. Go back to Inspire by STX Login, click the Navigation Menu ≡
  5. Click Textel
  6. Paste the Textel API Key into the Textel API String field
  7. Click Sync

To see a video of these steps in action, click here.

Textel Blast Accounts:

The account is now synced to send Textel Blasts and additional filters are available on the Textel List Creator Page.

Textel Conversation Accounts:

The account is synced, if you would like to send a list of clients for Textel Conversations with First & Last Names, follow the Client Export instructions and then use the Client Import instructions Doc or Client Import Instruction Video via Textel login. 

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