Organizing Contacts with Lists

Contact Lists are collections of contacts that you create for specific purposes. They are incredibly useful for segmenting your contacts in a variety of different ways.

Our platform supports two different types of Contact Lists:

  • User Generated - These are the standard lists in the platform that our users are able to create and edit for any purpose. 
  • System Generated - These lists are automatically curated by our system to assist in some specific functions, like auto-curated opt-in lists for each phone line.

Contact List Tips

Lists can be used for so many purposes that it is important to keep a few things in mind while building them.

  • Use unique and descriptive names. You will not always be able to evaluate the contacts when selecting a list so it is useful to name them with indicators of their purpose to make it clear at-a-glance.
  • Keep lists up to date. Using our import/export tools or the in-app editor of contact lists, you can quickly keep them up to date with the right contacts.
  • Disable or repurpose old lists. You can rename and overhaul any existing list for a new purpose. Sometimes this may be easier than starting from scratch.

Creating & Editing Contact Lists

Creating a contact list is really simple. Go to the Contact Lists page and click the New List button to open up a screen allowing you to name your list and select contacts.

You can add or edit contacts to a list by using our transfer module. On the left side, there is a searchable list of all of the contacts in your account. On the right side, are the contacts that are on the selected list.

To transfer between the two, simply select one or more contacts and click on one of the arrow buttons to move contacts from one status to the other. To transfer all contacts from one side to the other, click the double arrow button in the desired direction.

You can also import contacts into a Contact List by using the Import button at the top of the Contact Lists page.

Deleting a Contact List

If needed, a Contact List can be deleted from the system. To do this, simply go to the Contact Lists page under the Contacts drop down menu, search for the Contact List that you would like to delete, and click the trash icon located under the Actions column on the right hand side. Please note that this will permanently delete the list from your account. 

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