Zipwhip 1.0 Portal Migration FAQs

Zipwhip has indicated that they will be shutting down their Zipwhip 1.0 Portal on December 31st 2022. To help our clients, we have developed a migration process from the Zipwhip software to our proprietary Textel platform. Our goal is to make the migration process as easy and seamless as possible.

Will there be any disruption in service?

There will be no disruption in service. We will be able to seamlessly transition between the platforms to ensure that texting can continue without interruption and messages are captured.

What will happen to the messages I have in my Zipwhip portal?

As part of the migration process, we will pull over all of your messages that exist in the portal. This includes any messages with attachments. All message history will be preloaded into our platform for easy access and viewing.

Can my contacts be migrated over?

Yes. As part of our migration process, we will pull over all of the contacts stored in the Zipwhip portal and add them to your account on the Textel platform.

What happens to my Auto-Replies and Keywords?

Once we send you your welcome email to our new platform, you will need to go into the Zipwhip portal and disable any active Keywords or Auto-Replies. You will need to set them up within the Textel platform. Instructions on how to do that can be found here for Keywords and here for Auto-Replies.

What actions do I have to take in this process?

We have strived to make this migration process as easy and simple as possible for you. There are only two items you will need to take action on. 

  1. Disable and then transfer your Keyword Responders and Auto-Replies from Zipwhip to Textel. See above FAQ.
  2. If you had more than one user or more than one Zipwhip account, you will need to invite those users to the Textel platform. For instructions on this step, read through our Inviting Users article.

Will my billing or pricing plan change?

Your pricing and billing will not change for a full year after the migration. We will honor your current pricing for 12 months after your migration date. NOTE: If there is any kind of package change request, new product addition, or additional lines purchased, then billing will be updated accordingly.

Will who I call/text for support change?

No. We at Textel are still here to support you will be here to provide an even better experience than before. Call or text us at 844-483-9835.

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