Textel + CXone
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Textel + CXone

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Whether your client is using NICE CXone's MAX or Digital-First Omnichannel, they can add texting to their communication mix using Textel. While the features of each are a little different, the end goal is the same - it makes it easy to connect customers with their company. Take a look at the differences between our solutions and how we integrate!



Salesforce Agent

Textel for Salesforce

Integration Overview

Textel and Nice CXone are integrated via Rest APIs. Triggers in each system prompt an API request to the appropriate system to execute the functions. Textel is the liaison of message traffic between CXone and the mobile customer. 

The Textel layer adds power, flexibility, and administrative & compliance UI to the Nice CXone solution. 

What's Next