Textel for Salesforce
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Textel for Salesforce

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In additional to the standard integration into CXone Salesforce Agent, using Textel for Salesforce can maximize streamlining operations, eliminate wasted agent time and effort, and give customers a personalized experience. This expanded solution lives within Salesforce using a combination of Textel APIs and APEX code. We've made it easy! Quick and easy implementation with this one. We've put it all in one Salesforce package to install into client environments.

Integrates into Salesforce Flow Builder for Event Driven Texts

Trigger an SMS message to send from an event completion or update in Salesforce. With event driven texts, clients could: 

  • Send appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and cancellations
  • Deliver status updates to customers in real-time based on Salesforce events

Expanded Texting Capabilities

Textel for Salesforce helps expand texting functionality, offering additional options for clients to text their customers and contacts directly within Salesforce. With Textel for Salesforce you can: 

  • Use Salesforce Campaigns to send small group text campaigns
  • Sync opt-ins/outs and Do Not Call lists automatically across Salesforce, CXone, and Textel

SMS-Specific Data Reporting

With Textel for Salesforce clients can get SMS-specific reporting within your Salesforce instance. View SMS interaction history without leaving Salesforce. These additional reports let you:

  • Understand how many interactions are SMS versus other channel types like voice and chat
  • See message details and timestamps
  • Watch for trends over time using the native Salesforce reporting tools