Textel + MAX
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Textel + MAX

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Textel seamlessly integrates into NICE MAX to route texts during interactions. Studio scripting is included in this integration, offering more flexibility to incorporate sms bots, CRM integrations, and other logic throughout. 

When your client integrates Textel with MAX, they also get access to the full capabilities  of the Textel platform, including features like keywords, auto-replies, QR codes for SMS, and additional reporting. Access to the Textel platform independent of NICE CXone is provided through an admin seat. 

With Textel + MAX, the client gets:

  • Side-by-Side Pop-Out Texting Window
  • Studio Scripting for customizations
  • Skills-Based Routing for SMS
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Keyword Replies
  • QR Codes for SMS
  • Auto-Replies/Out of Office Replies


Check out this Demo Guide! It contains a script of the things we're sure to cover when demoing Textel + CXone as well as information on available CXone demo environments with Textel enabled. This is a great resource! 

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