Installing the Bot Plugin

To install the Textel TextBot, a client must be fully set up in the Textel platform. To review those steps, read through our Setting Up New Clients article. Once the setup process is complete, installing the TextBot is a very simple process.


If you have already attempted to install our Textel Bot through the RingCentral app marketplace, you will need to go back to the app marketplace and uninstall that version of the Bot.

Installing the Bot from the Textel Platform

Step 1: Log Into the Textel Platform

The administrator of the client's RingCentral account will need to log into the Textel platform. Depending on the method of setup, the user will either be provided their credentials or sent to a page to define their password to log in.

Step 2: Go to the RingCentral Integration page

Once logged in, navigate to the page to access your Bot installation button.

Step 3: Authenticate in RingCentral & Authorize the Textel TextBot

  1. Click on the Add to RingCentral button. This button will take you to a RingCentral log in page and require you to authenticate using the same account that was setup as an admin in Textel.
  2. Once logged in, you will be taken to an authorization page asking you to confirm the Textel TextBot's permissions.
  3. Click Authorize to install the bot.

Step 4: Confirm Bot Setup in the RingCentral App

Go back to your RingCentral application and search for SMSBot in your RingCentral account. If teams were set up to be auto-created, then you should also see teams created under the Teams Messaging menu.

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