Scheduling Your Campaign

This article will review the ins and outs of scheduling the messages in a campaign and the behavior of campaigns in the Scheduled status.

Scheduling Campaign Messages

Once you have completed the rest of the campaign setup flow, you will be taken to the schedule page. The messages on this page are displayed in the order you set them on the campaign creation step.

NOTE: Messages cannot be sent at the same time or overlap in their send windows. There is validation on the schedule page that prevents this. If you find yourself unable to schedule a specific message at a specific time or your options for selecting the time/date are limited, it likely overlaps with the send window of a previous or subsequent message.
  1. You will only be able to schedule first message in the campaign, so only that Schedule button will be activated. Select your time/date that you would like the first message to start sending. NOTE: This time/date selection indicates when this campaign message will start sending. Messages are not sent instantaneously, so depending on the number of contacts, it may take several minutes or longer to send out each message to the recipients. To learn more, read about our Rate Limiting and Sending Basics.
  2. Once your first message is scheduled, the button will change to Update which will allow you to adjust the scheduled time for that message, within the boundaries of the other send windows of the messages in the campaign.  
  3. The following message in the campaign will be active for scheduling. You will not be able to select a time that overlaps with the previous message (or if updating the schedule, does not overlap with the next message in the campaign). The Schedule button will become activated, allowing you to pick the date/time.
  4. You can repeat this process for as many messages as you have in your campaign.

As soon as you have set the schedule for every message in your campaign, your campaign is all set and ready to be sent!

Post-Scheduling Validation

Scheduled Status

As soon as you schedule one of the messages in a campaign, the Campaign Status will change to Scheduled. This is true even if there are messages in the campaign that do not have a defined schedule yet. Once a single message is scheduled, the campaign is considered to be in a Scheduled status and therefore you will no longer be able to make adjustments to the campaign.

To prevent unintended impacts to scheduled messages, our platform will prevent certain adjustments to a campaign once a single message in the campaign has been scheduled. This is because once messages are scheduled, our platform has queued up the exact messages that will go out to the recipients of the campaign. You would not be able to go back and edit the campaign message or the recipients without disrupting the already scheduled messages. As noted above, once a campaign is in the Scheduled status, you will not be able to:

  • Update or adjust the contacts
  • Update the campaign messages 

Once a campaign is Scheduled, you will be able to update the schedule of the campaign messages up until the point that they start sending. Once a campaign is actively running, you will have to Stop the campaign to adjust the schedule of messages.

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