Managing Your Campaign

In this article, we will talk through the Campaign Management page.

Filtering Campaigns

The Blast Index Page offers several filters that allow you to view campaigns of a specific status, date the first message was sent, and which phone line it was sent from. To access these filters, click on the filter icon at the top right of the page above "Actions". 

The status filter can have multiple selections at a time to find a campaign in any stage such as complete, defined, draft, running, scheduled, stopped, and archived.

Multiple lines can also be selected, for if the campaign was sent on multiple outbound phone lines.

Editing Campaigns

You can edit your Blast campaigns from the Blast page within the "Actions" column, each action varies depending on what current state the campaign is at. For example, if a campaign is still being drafted you can click the "Add Contacts" action button to resume where you left off when creating the campaign. These currently displayed action buttons allow the user to quickly jump back into each campaign and continue where it was left off when it was last edited. 

In addition to the currently displayed action button, there is a vertical ellipses button that allows the user to archive or clone the selected campaign.

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