A2P 10DLC Overview

This overview represents Textel's current understanding of the mobile carrier's application and definitions of requirements for 10DLC. These details are subject to change.


The 10DLC program is something being implemented by mobile carriers Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile to regulate Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging from businesses to their subscribers (your customers). The goal of 10DLC is to provide greater transparency into the usage of A2P business texting, enabling better protections to customers and eliminating spam. The regulations include requiring registration and classification of your texting use cases, as well as new throughput limits and potential fees per message.

10DLC stands for 10 digit long code and refers to the local 10 numbers that businesses use to text or call their customers. These new regulations only apply to these types of numbers. If you are utilizing Short Codes or Toll Free numbers, your messaging is not regulated by the 10DLC standards.

Businesses who utilize A2P 10DLC messaging will be required to register their brand and campaign use case information after March 1, 2022. For more information on registering your business, click here.

Additional Resource: The Campaign Registry - Quick Reference Guide

Brand Registration & Vetting Score

Part of the 10DLC registration process requires you to register your brand for identity check and vetting. This check is carried out for each Brand by The Campaign Registry (TCR) after its registration. TCR locates and confirms the existence of the Company you submitted by checking against several databases and utilizing best practice third party verification vendors. The Brand Identity Status is based on the accuracy* of the submitted information. The following information must be verified for the brand to obtain a “Verified” status:

  • EIN / Tax ID
  • Legal Company Name
  • Legal Company Address

This check also returns the following:

  • Whether the Brands is a Tax-exempt organization if the “non-profit” entity type is selected.
  • Whether a Brand is part of the Russell 3000 list.

*Typos and outdated information can significantly affect this outcome.

If your brand fails the vetting process, it will be required that you resubmit your data, correcting any inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Additional costs may apply with resubmission.

Campaign Use Cases

We have outlined the details of the Standard and Special Campaign Use Cases in our Registering for 10DLC article.

It is important to note that there are some use cases that can only be used by specific types of companies. These include:

  • Charity
  • Political
  • Platform Free Trials
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Agents and Franchises

Campaign and Content Attributes

These are attributes of your campaign use case that may be applicable or required in order to be in compliance with 10DLC requirements.

Required for all Textel customers:

  • SUBSCRIBER OPT-IN - Indicates whether the campaign is collecting and processing consumer opt-ins
  • SUBSCRIBER OPT-OUT - Indicates whether the campaign is collecting and processing consumer opt-outs
  • SUBSCRIBER HELP - Indicates whether the campaign has implemented message reply providing customers on how they can contact the message sender after they reply with the “HELP” keyword.

Only applicable to some customers, depending on usage:

  • NUMBER POOLING - Select this if you intend on using 50+ numbers as this will require a different provisioning process on T-Mobile
  • DIRECT LENDING OR LOAN ARRANGEMENT - Indicates whether the campaign include content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements
  • EMBEDDED LINK - Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded link of any kind. Note that public URL shorteners (bitly, tinyurl) are not accepted
  • EMBEDDED PHONE NUMBER - Indicates whether the campaign is using an embedded phone number (except the required HELP information contact phone number)
  • AFFILIATE MARKETING - Indicates whether the affiliate marketing being used or was used in the construction of the campaign
  • AGE-GATED CONTENT - Indicates whether the campaign include any age-gated content as defined by Carrier and CTIA guidelines

Mobile Network Operator (Carrier) Terms

* Terms may be subject to change by Mobile Network Operators (carriers) at any time, please refer to official MNO documentation for up-to-date terms.

Message Class AT&TMessage Tier T-MobileUse Case (Risk Level)Use CaseVetting Score T-Mobile Daily CapAT&T TPM (text per minute)AT&T TPS (text per second) 
ATopStandardDedicated Use Case76-100200,0003,60060
CHigh MidStandardDedicated Use Case51-7540,00060010
DHigh MidStandardMixed/Marketing66-8540,00060010
ELow MidStandardDedicated Use Case16-5010,000601
FLow MidStandardMixed/Marketing26-6510,000601
TLowBasic/UnregisteredLow Volume Mixed15-252,000120.2
SpecialEmergency Services
SpecialPlatform Free Trial
SpecialAgents and Franchises
SpecialSole Proprietor

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