How to use Textel for Meevo Messenger

Textel Setup:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Textel 

Lesson 2: Textel Settings


Using Meevo Messenger for Textel

Lesson 1: Sending & Receiving Texts 

Lesson 2: Using Auto-Replies 


Textel Blast:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Textel Blast 

Lesson 2: Adding & Editing Contacts 

Lesson 3: Importing & Exporting Contacts 

Lesson 4: Keyword Responders 

Lesson 5: Creating Your Blast

Lesson 6: Drip Campaigns 

Lesson 6: Web-to-Text Widget

Here are some additional training videos for the Textel for Meevo 2-Way conversational texting integration

Textel Overview

Purchasing Textel Integration

Textel Initial Setup Video

Textel Settings for Meevo Messenger

Sending & Receiving Texts in Meevo Messenger

Using Auto-Replies in Meevo Messenger

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