Scheduling a Message

Scheduling a Message

Textel provides the option to have an outbound message send immediately or at a custom specified time. This allows you to have messages sent at a time that may benefit you the most. For example, creating a message after hours and scheduling it to send the next morning during business hours. To schedule a message, simply write your message as normal within the text box and press the clock icon next to the send button.

This will display a calendar and a time for you to pick. After those are selected, click the "Ok" button and your message will be queued for delivery.

Managing Scheduled Messages

You can view and edit your current scheduled messages by clicking on the "View Scheduled" button towards the top of the Conversations page. From here you'll be able to edit your messages that are scheduled to send. This includes changing the Outbound Line, Contact being sent to, scheduled send time, and the contents of the message. If needed, the scheduled message can also be deleted completely by clicking the trash icon to the far right.

NOTE:  Scheduled messages will not display on this page after it has sent.

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