Searching & Filtering Conversations

Finding the conversation that you are looking for is made pretty simple with our built-in tools for searching and filtering. We have four different ways for your to filter, with the goal of making it easy to find specific conversations to interact with or reference.

Using the Search & Filter Options

While each filter offers a specific way to narrow conversations, all of the filter options can be used in conjunction with one another. You can combine the usage of the filters to gain ultimate flexibility in narrowing conversations.

Locating the Filter Options

Finding and using these search and filter tools is pretty simple. All of tools are located in the top left of the Conversations inbox.

Searching by Contact Name or Mobile Number

This search box enables you to quickly narrow conversations down to those that occurred with a specific mobile contact. In some cases, you may need to find conversations with a specific customer or contact. This search box gives you a fast way to search against your customer's contact information.

  • It searches against the contact's:
    • first and last name - if captured
    • mobile phone number
  • After typing your query, simply hit enter to search. To clear you search, click the X icon in the search box.

Filtering by Line

This filter will allow you to narrow on the outbound phone line that was involved in the conversation. If you have specific lines assigned to specific users or agents, or you use outbound lines for different purposes, then this can be helpful to isolate conversations based on those configurations.

  • By default, we will show the conversations across all lines that the logged in user has access to. 
  • You can use this dropdown to filter the conversations down to a specific outbound line.
  • Access this by clicking on the blue dropdown at the top of the selector panel.

Filtering by Claimed Status

A key part of managing a queue of conversations, is having visibility in which conversations are claimed and being addressed versus which are open and need to be picked up. This filter enables you to filter the conversations based off of their claimed status.

  • By default, we will show conversations across all claimed statuses. 
  • Use this filter to isolate conversations that are:
    • Claimed by you (Mine)
    • Unclaimed
    • All conversations
  • Access this by clicking on the tabs at the top of the conversations.

Filtering by Conversation Status and/or Follow-Up Flag

Behind the filter icon, we offer two additional filters on Conversations. 

The first is on Conversation Status. Conversations are not always active and open. Even closed conversations need visibility and should be available for quick reference. We offer a conversation status filter that allows you to toggle the conversations in view based off of if they are open or closed.

  • By default, we will show only open conversations.
  • You can use these filters to show open conversations only or closed conversations only.
  • This filter is influenced by other filters that are applied.

The second is by Follow-Up Flag. Within Textel, you have the ability to flag a conversation for follow up. This can be helpful when you need to come back to a conversation in the future for a specific reason, perhaps to follow up or add more context after additional information is gathered. You can simply click the flag icon within the Conversation card to mark it for Follow Up. 

  • By default, we will show all conversations regardless of their Follow-Up flag.
  • You can toggle this to display only conversations that are flagged for Follow-Up.
  • This filter is influenced by other filters that are applied.

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