Textel + SalonBiz FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the Textel + SalonBiz integration.

What happens if my client replies to a text or sends me a new text?

The Textel application is cloud-based, so all you need is access to the internet to access your Textel dashboard to reply to your guests. While you do not need to install anything, we do recommend you turn on your notifications in the Textel platform. Read through this article to learn more about managing your browser notifications.

Does Textel do mass blasts?

Yes. Send texts in bulk that convert to one-on-one conversations - requires an additional upgrade package from Textel. Contact Textel to add this capability. Click here for more info.

Can I use Textel to communicate with my team?

Certainly! You can upgrade to Textel Blast for bulk messaging and import your employee list OR send multi-recipient messages (up to 20 numbers) to send group alerts and messages. 

How does this differ from my reminders & confirmations?

Texts are sent "from" the salon's phone number and clients are able to reply back and continue text conversations in the Textel dashboard.

What will happen to my email reminders & confirmations for my clients that don't want to text?

Those will still be sent as usual using the SalonBiz email engine.

Will Textel reschedule and book appointments for me?

No, Textel is a communication tool that allows 2-way conversations. When your guests need to book a new appointment or need to reschedule an existing appointment you'll simply take their request from the conversation and make the change to your book.

Do my contacts sync between SalonBiz and Textel?

Yes! As part of the integration, a contact sync happens every time a text is sent. SalonBiz will send the contact information over to Textel and we will either create a new contact if one does not exist, update an existing contact, or do nothing if there are no changes. This will ensure that Textel is always up to date with your contacts in SalonBiz.

Can I add a Text Me button to my website?

You can easily add an SMS hyperlink anchor on the mobile version of your site so your clients can easily tap to text. When the hyperlink is clicked, it will open the phoneโ€™s native texting app with your business number auto-populated. Textel can provide you a custom SMS hyperlink QR code for your desktop version of your website to convert customers to text you. This is a nominal monthly fee.

Can I set up auto-replies?

Yes. You can set up auto-replies. A couple of common scenarios is if you get a text after hours, or when you are doing a special launch promotion. Let's say you have some signage at your cash wrap saying to text "Texture" to your number. You can set up an auto-reply to your guest with a promo video, link, or images! 

Here are some helpful resources:

Will Textel work with my number if I am in Canada?

Yes!! Our Textel integration works brilliantly for our Canadian customers.

If I have more than 1 location, can I use the same text line and subscription for all locations?

It depends.  If you are using Textel in conjunction with the SalonBiz integration for confirmation and reminders, you will need a separate text line for each location which includes a subscription fee.  All text lines can be hosted on the same platform and assign user permissions based on location.  If you are using Textel for 2 way texting only and choose not to integrate for confirmations and reminders, you can share one line for your locations.  Talk to your sales representative for additional information. 

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