SalonBiz Targeted Lists for Textel Blast

To create a targeted list in SalonBiz:

  • From the SalonBiz main menu, go to Communications, click Campaigns, and then Targeted Lists.
    • You can easily see all of your prior lists with descriptions so you can quickly pull a list again or make a new one.
  • View Conditions - see exactly which conditions have been set for this list.
  • View/Edit - to make changes to an existing list.
  • Delete - remove any targeted lists that are no longer needed.
  • Clone - allows you to clone an entire targeted list, including the name and all conditions set. Use this if you have lists that are similar but may have a different date range or extra condition.
  • Download - this will allow you to choose and download what fields to export in a CSV file.
  • Send Campaign - this allows you to send an email campaign directly from the targeted list you customized.

Setting Conditions:

  • To create a targeted list you will start by setting conditions, these conditions are used to filter your list.
  • You'll see the options down the left side of the screen on a new targeted list or one you are editing.
  • Click the plus icon to bring the condition over to the list summary where you will complete the fields.
  • Click the Done button after you complete each section.
  • Once you've added all of the conditions, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Placing a check in the box at the bottom will calculate the expected number of clients in the final list. This is a great way to ensure you've set the right parameters before sending your email.
    • Be patient! The system is checking all of your client info so it can take a minute or two to finalize your list.

 Here is the link to view the SalonBiz tutorial video on their support site. 

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