Benefits of Using Responders

Engaging with your customers and prospects can be a time consuming process. Auto-Responders or Responders can be a great tool to help you automatically deliver immediate and informative responses to your customers. 

Whether you have a large or small team, using responders can help you be more effective in your customer experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of integrating responders into your mobile messaging (SMS/MMS) strategy.

  • Provides consistency in information provided on specific topics or within specific time ranges
  • Satisfies a customer or prospect's need for information on-demand, without an agent or team member's intervention
  • Enables your business to put resources into conversations and interactions that require back and forth engagement
  • Enables more efficient outbound campaigns that use specific keywords to provide or collect targeted responses

What are Responders?

Responders are configurable, automated text message replies that get sent based off of some kind of inbound trigger. There are generally two types of Responders:

  1. Keyword Responders - Replies that are triggered based off a word or phrase that someone texts into your phone line.
  2. Auto-Replies (Time-Based Responders) - Replies that are triggered based off the time of day that the incoming text was received.

Example Uses for Responders

Responders can be used to deliver the right information, at the right time, on-demand, without manual intervention. They allow your business to send helpful information like links, product information, coupons, offers, scheduling, hours of operation, even status updates. 

  • Providing information about a specific thing, where the information requested can easily be provided in an automatic response, e.g.
    • Text MENU to get sent a link to our restaurant menu
    • Text CONFIRM to confirm your scheduled appointment
    • Text COUPON to receive our latest offers
    • Text DONATE to learn how to contribute to the cause
  • Alerting customers and prospects to your operating or holiday hours. If someone texts in after your standard business hours, you could use an auto-reply to alert them of your hours and when they may be able to get in touch.

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