Responder Actions

Keyword Responders have 3 different actions that can be applied to them at any time, this allows a wide variety of uses to better manage mobile contacts. These actions can be found in the Edit Keyword modal when selecting the "Edit" button underneath the Actions column on the Keywords page.

Using these Responder Actions will help engage in customer activity and better organize the wide variety of contacts with similar interests. 

Multiple Actions

Keywords can have any selected amount of actions applied to them at once, allowing for a wide use of scenarios.

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Custom Opt-In and Opt-Out Keyword Responders

Our platform gives you the ability to define custom keyword responders that will set contacts' opt-in/out status. Some carriers support STOP and UNSTOP by default, but within our platform we offer customization on what triggers an opt-in or an opt-out for a contact. The Textel platform manages these statuses independent of the carriers to ensure we have the most up to date information. 

It can be very beneficial to have options when managing Opt-Out/Ins, especially in offering your customers more intuitive keywords. For example, to collect opt ins, you could define a keyword of START or SUBSCRIBE might be more suitable for your business. 

To specify that a Keyword Responder should influence the consent status of a contact, check the box in the setup panel that states "This Keyword needs to update the opt in/out status." After that you will need to specify if it should set the status as opted out or opted in. 

Once the Opt in/out status is saved, the Keyword Responder will now set the selected status of mobile contacts who use the Keyword. Additionally, if the selection is an Opt In, it will automatically add the mobile contact to a System Generated Opt In list. 

Assigning Mobile Contacts to a Contact List 

Keywords can also be used to automatically assign a mobile contact to a specified contact list. One use case example of this action is segmenting your customers to a specified contact list to then be used in targeted Blast Campaigns based off of selected interests. 

To assign this option to a Keyword, click on the Responders drop down located at the top of the page and select "Keywords". From here, you can either create a new Keyword or edit an existing one. There will be an option in the Actions portion of the modal, select the box to enable this feature and choose which contact list you would like the keyword to automatically add the mobile contact to. Click save when you are finished.

Assigning Mobile Contacts to a Specified Agent

Another Keyword action that can be applied is the ability to automatically assign a mobile contact to a specified agent. This can be useful in many different scenarios. For example, a mobile contact texts the Keyword "Billing" to then be routed to your specific billing support agent. 

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