Managing Your Account

You can manage your account as well as view your messaging and user details in comparison to the billing usage. To see and change these features, click on your account name in the top right corner of the page and select "Manage Account". Please visit our Message and User Usage support document to learn more.

Account Settings

This section of the page allows admins to configure settings that apply account-wide, to users, lines, and features.


You have the ability to specify the specify timezone that your primary business is located in. This setting impacts not only the display of the timestamps of messages, but the enforcement of the send windows and time-based auto-replies. Changing the timezone on the Textel platform will immediately update message timestamps and the trigger settings of your account auto-replies to your selected region. 

Blast Send Window

To be compliant with TCPA regulations, all Blast messages have a send window between 9 AM and 9 PM (enforced using your selected timezone. In certain situations, businesses may want to narrow that send window to only send during business hours when they have staffing. The Textel platform offers the option to narrow your Blast send window that will apply to all future Blasts created.

Conversation Session Auto Close 

 It is best practice to close a conversation when the specific goal of the conversation with the customer has been accomplished. This not only helps ensure that the inbox is highlighting conversations that are still open and actively engaging, but will also improve overall platform performance. When enabled, our Conversation Session Auto Close feature will close out any conversation after the specified amount of time has passed. To learn more see our Managing The Conversation Inbox article here

Custom Contact Fields

On the Textel platform, we allow you to define up to 5 Contact Custom Fields in your account. These fields are specific to  your account and will be applied to contacts, allowing you to set values for the fields for each contact. You can read our full support article on Custom Contact Fields here. 

API Settings

Within this section, if your account has access to our Public API, you will see the option to generate an API key or replace an existing one. This API key can be used to integrate with other applications for a variety of different actions. 

If an API key does not yet exists for your account, you will see the Generate option. Click the "Generate API Key" to create a unique code to integrate with your system. Once generated, it is important to store this in a secure place.

NOTE: Since the API Key is equivalent to a password, we only store a hashed version, not the actual Key. If you did not store your API Key or are unable to access it, you can replace the existing key with a new one, but it will break any integrations that are using the existing key.

If you have already generated an API key but need to replace it, you will see the Replace API Key option. As noted above, replacing an existing API key invalidates the old one, just like a password, so you would need to update the auth credentials of any existing integrations using the old key.

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